Programme Structure

300h Anusara® Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Programme

Fundamentals of Yoga Teaching
Heart Centred Body and Soul Immersion – Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
(Module 2)
Advanced Teaching Skills & Restorative Yoga
(Module 3)
Advanced Asana & Teaching Skills
(Module 4)
Asana, Myth & Legend
(Module 5)
Introduction to Yoga Therapy & Restorative Yoga
(Module 6)
Yoga for Pregnancy – Post graduate training for yoga teachers and trainees
(Module 7)
Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Women &Yoga Business
(Module 8)
Vinyasa Flow & Teaching Skills
(Module 9)
Graduation Weekend – open to the public
(Module 10)

Programme Content

Taking part in this empowering programme will help you deepen your practice and further develop and refine your teaching skills.  This is the next step in your yoga education and is for any yoga teacher or trainee who wants to grow in confidence and skill.

We are dedicated to offering all our students and guest teachers the space, opportunity and freedom to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  We will do this by providing a top quality yoga learning environment with some of the best teachers from around Ireland and the world. This training builds on and develops further both your personal practice and your skills as a teacher. We offer you further ‘yoga tools’ to enrich your own lives and to make this world a better place through the sharing of the practice in the greater community.

This Advanced Teacher Training offers you the opportunity to:

  • Develop your understanding and practice of asana in a structured and comprehensive way
  • Refine and expand your knowledge and practice of anatomy and alignment
  • Audit and refine your current teaching skills
  • Teach yoga with anatomy and alignment as the focus and starting point
  • Shine a light on and improve your teaching skills so that you can become more effective as a teacher
  • Learn and improve teaching skills and confidence in key areas – Sequencing, Adjustments, Observation, Theming and leadership
  • Learn how to create powerful and well-structured class plans and courses
  • Understand the common causes of injury and the means of prevention
  • Understand Yoga and its scope as a therapy
  • Take an in depth look at the theory and practice of Restorative Yoga
  • Develop your connection to understanding of the Subtle Body and improve your confidence to teach the more subtle practices including mantra and meditation
  • Explore pranayama and build an authentic connection to your breath
  • Study yoga philosophy with one of the worlds leading scholars
  • Immerse yourself in the ancient and sacred scripts and texts and find tools to help you and others live happier lives
  • Explore yoga ethics and lifestyle
  • Take time for contemplation, planning and building the type of future that you dream of.  Create a ‘real life’ strategy that aligns with your vision. Examine money, pricing, marketing and the whole enchilada.
  • Have fun learning with some of the best yoga teachers in the world
  • Develop and shine as a person, yogi and teacher

Upon completion graduates will:

  • Master fundamental teaching skills
  • Advance their practice of asana and the more subtle practices
  • Have a well grounded understanding of the tradition, philosophy and history of yoga
  • Have a deeper understanding of bio mechanics of movement
  • Have many new skills to offer their students/communities
  • Be a more confident and skilled teacher


This course is a Post-Graduate programme for those who have completed an accredited 200 hour training programme, either at Ard Nahoo Yoga School or elsewhere.

Class Times

The programme format will mostly be 5-day modules where will cover 40 hours – starting on Wednesday and finishing on Sunday but there are also some 3-day modules when we start on Friday and finish on Sunday.  There may be some exceptions, so please check the exact individual modules schedule for details (e.g. Graduation weekend and some guest appearances).

Module Timings

All 5 day modules are 40 hours (Wednesday – Sunday 9am – 6pm).
Weekend modules are 24 hours (Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am – 6pm)

Contact Hours

  • You will begin your +300 hours with 250 onsite/contact hours training over the year from January to April 2018.  Please note that when you compare 300 hour courses it is wise to ask what are the contact hours. Many 300 hour courses have as little as 150 hours class room training as this is the minimum required if the course is registered with Yoga Alliance UK.
  • Non-contact Hours – The remaining hours will be made up as follows:
    • Teaching: It is a requirement that you teach your own classes and workshops.  Noeleen will support you with any issues or questions as they arise. This can be done by email or by phone.
    • Project: Making an in depth study on a subject of your choice. Researching, writing and presenting your findings.  Usually this takes the form of a 1.5-2 hour workshop which  you present to the group and is open to the external Ard Nahoo yoga community.
    • Reading– deepening your knowledge of key areas such as Anatomy and Philosophy

Other Programme Info

  • Award winning Ard Nahoo has been offering yoga and wellbeing retreats, classes and teacher trainings for over 17 years
  • Principal teacher Noeleen Tyrrell  will be joined by great teachers both from Ireland and around the world to deliver this exciting programme.  This is a one of a kind opportunity to go deeper  into your own practice and to bring your yoga education to the next level.
  • Join us in this beautiful purpose built yoga environment enveloped by a landscape that invites inspiration, contemplation, awe and creativity.
  • This training provides the gateway for taking your love of teaching and all things yoga to the next stage of depth, integration and understanding. This is an opportunity and invitation to you to develop and refine your skills and understanding both in your practice and in your teaching
  • Modules can be taken as trainings in their own right and qualify for CPD points or as part of the whole programme.
Course Dates (may be subject to change)
Module 1 25th – 29th January 2017 Fundamentals of Yoga Teaching with Noeleen Tyrrell Noeleen Tyrrell
Module 2 1st – 5th March 2017 Heart Centred Body and Soul Immersion – Yoga Philosophy, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation Bill Mahony (USA) and Noeleen Tyrrell
Module 3 7th – 9th April 2017 Advanced Teaching Skills 1 Noeleen Tyrrell
Module 4 10th – 14th June 2017 Advanced Asana & Teaching Skills Jaye Martin (USA) and Noeleen Tyrrell
Module 5 9th – 13th August 2017 Asana, Myth & Legend with special guest appearance Noah Maze (USA)
Module 6 20th – 22nd October 2017 Introduction to Yoga Therapy 1 & Restorative Yoga Noeleen Tyrrell and Mary Mc Dermott
Module 7 17th – 19th November 2017 Yoga for Pregnancy – Post graduate training for yoga teachers and trainees Noeleen Tyrrell & Lauren Ray Hensey
Module 8 26th – 28th January 2018 Introduction to Yoga Therapy 2 (1 day) & Yoga for Women (1 days) Yoga Business (1 day) Noeleen Tyrrell & Esther Moser (Yoga for Women) & Therese Hackett (Business)
Module 9 9th – 11th March 2018 Vinyasa Flow & Teaching Skills Noeleen Tyrrell
Module 10 27th – 29th April 2018 Graduation Weekend – Students deliver workshops – open to public Noeleen Tyrrell

Programme Accreditation

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, (including all projects listed above) and final exam graduates will receive a Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training Certificate from Ard Nahoo Yoga School. Ard Nahoo is a registered yoga school at both 200 and 300 and 500 level with Yoga Alliance UK.

Modules can be taken as trainings in their own right and qualify for CPD points or as part of the whole programme.

Programme Bookings

September 30th 2017 – May 27th 2018

Fee: €4,000.00 / €3,800 Early Bird offer if paid for in full by 21st December 2017
Non-refundable Booking Deposit of €500 required to secure place

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Special student rate accommodation is available if needed. €35 per night if staying for one night or €30 per night for 2 nights or more (Please note: this is not regular eco-cabin rental and the same conditions do not apply).

Please contact Ard Nahoo directly to book student accommodation as required.

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