Ard Nahoo Eco Awards

One of the most important aspects of Ard Nahoo is our Eco Policy. We are very much aware of “green washing”, and therefore feel it necessary to detail exactly why we can call ourselves a green business. We have worked very hard to be granted the EU Flower, the only sign of environmental quality recognised throughout Europe. This status means that we are meticulous about energy consumption, recycling and natural produce.

2007 saw us undertake a massive renovation. As well as extending the health farm to include a new yoga studio and indoor/outdoor wet area, we built two new Eco Cabins. The build was conducted using green principles under the guidance of a fantastic architect, Peter Cowman ( We used sustainable cedar from neighbouring county Donegal, hemp insulation, limited concrete, no petro chemicals and natural paints throughout. All Eco Cabins are heated using pellet stoves, and come with an underground recycling facility. Compost bins are collected regularly and very welcome on our organic vegetable patch!

We are very proud of our environmental work here, and can say with conviction that Ard Nahoo provides an ethical break in breathtaking surroundings.

Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat recognises that everything we do has an effect upon the environment. We wish to minimise the adverse environmental impact of our activities and to continuously improve our environmental performance, ensuring the sustainability of our actions.

We Aim To…

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry standards;
  • Reduce our use of non-renewable resources and of energy produced from such resources
  • Reduce and recycle waste wherever practical
  • Prevent and minimise pollution
  • Use all resources efficiently
  • Increase the percentage of recycled materials we use and materials from renewable sources
  • Pass on the benefits of improved environmental practice to our staff and guests

We Intend to do this by…

  • Reviewing annually our environmental impact to ensure that we maintain high eco-tourism standards and the EU Flower certification.


Specifically we are…

  •  Conserving energy and water;
  •  Reducing waste through re-use and recycling;
  •  Monitoring and reducing our use of non-ecological detergents and disinfectants and replacing them with ecological products;
  •  Monitoring and reducing our use of dangerous chemicals, and where possible replacing them with environmentally safe products;
  •  Educating, training and motivating staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to play a full part in developing new ideas and initiatives;
  •  Communicating with our guests and providing information about local landscape, biodiversity and nature conservation measures in our area.
  •  Optional depending on additional facilities offered…

Food Service

  • We are committed to providing our guests with locally sourced and organic food where possible;
  •  We are committed to reducing the amount of waste and do not offer individually packaged items;
  •  Where possible we offer beverages in refillable bottles and not in disposable drink cans.

 Fitness Activities

  • We are committed to managing our recreational facilities to the highest environmental standards, paying particular attention to water conservation, energy efficiency, and appropriate use of required chemicals.

Green Areas

  • All outdoor recreational and green spaces are managed according to organic farming principles, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals.