I hope your Christmas Day delivers everything you could wish for. Family, friends, big fire, brisk walks and of course food glorious food.  If you want to take a bit of time out after dinner to relax, reflect, be quiet and aid digestion then try this short sequence

Handy props – a mat, a bolster and an eyebag

Supta baddha konasana Ard Nahoo Yoga School

Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclined bound angle pose

Have the short end of your mat at the wall. Place the bolster on the mat behind you and sit with the back of your pelvis to the short end.  If you don’t have a bolster then use folded blankets to create a support for your spine. The bolster can be either snugly at your sacrum or some inches back so that your lower ribs (back of your waist) rest firmly on the bolster when you go back.  Bring the soles of your feet together and bring your heels in close to your groin. Extend your toes and place them up against the wall. (Or use a belt as in the photo. Inhale and place your hands either side of your hips and lengthen up through your spine.  Exhale and use your arms to lower down onto your bolster. Bring your arms overhead and clasp the elbows or leave your arms by your side. Place an eyebag or any fabric over your eyes and rest for up to 10 minutes.

This pose will help with digestion and rest tired legs.

Ard Nahoo Yoga School Viparita Karani

Vaparita Karani – legs up wall pose

This is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating pose. Place your mat with the short end at the wall.  Sit with your right hip up against the wall.  Inhale and swing your legs up the wall and your upper body on to the mat.  Rest your arms by your sides with your palms up.  You could experiment with placing a bolster or folded blanket under your hips as a support to lift them up.  Place an eye bag or similar over  your eyes and rest for up to 10 minutes.

An adapted version of this would be to lie on the floor bend your knees and place your lower legs on the seat of the sofa. You might even get a bit of Harry Potter in too!


Ard Nahoo Yoga School Savasana

Savasana – the Corpse Pose

This is simply a supported lying pose. Lie on your back with your bolster under your knees and a small folded blanket under your head.  Have you feet outer hip width apart and abandon your legs.  Have you arms about 6-8 inches from your side with your palms facing up. Cover yourself if needed and place an eyebag over your eyes. Stay for 5 – 15 minutes.

Simple mantra meditation – allow your inner gaze to look towards your heart centre in your chest.   Keep your awareness at your heart and stay soft in your body and your mind. Breathe in softly to your heart and as you breathe out silently say ‘I am grateful for ……’ Fill in the word that is most appropriate to how you are feeling today.  Gratitude opens us up to all the blessings in our lives and is truly empowering and transformative.