Having a body, mind, heart, and senses is how we get to experience the gift of life on earth.  Sometimes however we get wrapped up in life so much that we forget about the little light shining in our heart of hearts.

Our Advanced Teacher Training at Ard Nahoo invites you to let your little light shine, brighter and brighter.  We all have an inner flame that is inextinguishable, it’s that part of you that is eternal, never changing and hugely powerful.  To be in this world the flame gets cloaked or covered in sheaths of body matter, breath, mind, emotions and intellect – in the yoga tradition we call these sheaths the 5 Koshas, kind of like 5 layers of embodiment.

That light is bright enough to guide you through even the darkest patches and the most dangerous terrain along your path. It is the home of the ‘little voice’ that if listened to will always take you in the right direction.


So why do we not always listen, why do we repeat mistakes?  It’s simple, we all have a default mode – life has a way of conditioning us.

We have thoughts and take actions today because that’s how we did it yesterday – in other words we don’t like change, it is easier to do what is familiar. It’s easier to ignore the voice, it’s easier to stay as we are, even if we are unhappy or behaving in ways or living in circumstances that no longer serve us.

The Solution

However, there is good news.  The solution is also simple – you look for the light.  The practice of yoga guides you towards and invites you to look inwards, invites you to remember that your birthright is one of fullness, brightness and absolute potential.

On our yoga teacher trainings in Leitrim you are offered the space and time to explore and uncover your light.  The process provokes both positive and fun experience as well as deeply challenging (sometimes terrifying) but cathartic change.

Are you ready to change your world? Are you ready to shine?

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