yoga teacher training classAdvanced Yoga Teacher Training – The Next Biggest Step

As yoga teachers we all feel the need (and are obliged to if we are registered teachers) to keep ourselves up-skilled and inspired so as to serve our students and yoga community as best we can. There are many options and directions you can take such as attending workshops, retreats and further specific skill training.

The biggest ‘next step’ that you can take as a yoga teacher is to follow an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training programme that is designed to both nurture and challenge you in every way.

Hanuman – A Story of Learning

In our beloved yogalore and mythology the monkey god ‘Hanuaman’ represents amongst other things the inner power and potential that each of us possesses.

One story tells of his teacher and respected elder Jambavan reminding Hanuman of this power when he was feeling pretty powerless.

Briefly the tale goes like this – the monkey army (bears too) who are fighting against the demon Ravana (who has kidnapped the beautiful Sita wife of Rama) chase him to the seashore. Big bad Ravana has taken Sita to the island of Lanka and the monkeys have no way of getting there. They discuss their options but none of them can jump as far as is needed to reach the island and they are feeling deeply saddened and defeated. Hanuman who loves and serves Rama above all else is completely despondent and disempowered.


Jambavan his teacher begins to remind him of his strengths and all that he has accomplished over the years and as he does Hanuman grows bigger and bigger. The more he is reminded of and recognises his own potential the bigger he grows. He grows so big that he makes a giant leap to the island and goes on to save Sita. The giant leap is represented in the pose Hanumanasana (The splits).

Yoga Teacher Training – The Ard Nahoo Way

ard-nahoo-web2-flowerThat leap also compares to the sense of empowerment that is at the heart of yoga teacher trainings at Ard Nahoo. Sometimes we need the guidance and mirror of our teachers to remind us of who we truly are.

Our level 2, Advanced Yoga Teacher training offers our students the space, support and freedom to be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Training in Ard Nahoo is quite unique. The sense of magic and beauty of the location makes the experience of learning and growing very deep and powerful. Take time away from the hustle and busyness of everyday concerns and immerse yourself in learning, contemplation, study and practices and teachings that are life changing.

I am so excited to be joined by top International (& Irish) teachers to teach yoga in Leitrim. Professor Bill Mahony, Mary Mc Dermot, Jaye Martin and Noah Maze are among the stellar faculty.

Let us be your Jambavan and together as students and teachers we will work hard to bring the standard of yoga education to a new level.

We welcome you with big open hearts. Come as you are. Are you ready to take the leap?

Check out our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course details here or give us a call to talk more.

Image Credit: Hanuman image on Flickr by Jayantika Soni