Yoga is everywhere, it has never been more available and more varied and more sought after. Yet despite this flourishing and unprecedented growth it is very difficult to scratch the surface of the precious jewel of knowledge and support that the system has for each of us.  The roots of yoga go way back almost 5000 years. Countless people(s) have devoted their entire lives to the practice and study of the subject and have imparted that knowledge down through the ages. Much of this knowledge is never even hinted at in modern studios as people are there for the physical practice called asana.  Asana practice is wonderful and is used by millions around the world as a means to become fitter, more flexible and stronger both physically and mentally. This is to be applauded and is a positive thing. However, much is being lost in the mix. Those who want to go deeper and learn more about themselves through the lens of yoga may have to complete a 200 hour teacher training course to achieve this end.  They take a dive into the diverse ocean of the body, mind and the heart and with the right teacher can experience life transforming results.  

If you want to learn more about yourself, your practice of yoga and the philosophy behind that practice, then here are 3 GREAT REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THE DIVE NOW!

  1. You are Worth It – yoga teaches us that we are born perfect and not lacking in anything.  That is a very different message to what the world is telling you on a daily
    basis.  Social media, billboards, state exam boards, TV and all the rest tell us we need more than what we are, more than what we’ve got.  Sadly, we believe them and develop an inner critic second to none! Through the teachings and practice we learn to see past the dross and turn down the volume of the inner critic and lead more balanced, healthier, happy and more meaningful life.


  1. Physical & Mental Health – regardless of what your starting point is in the practice, over the course of a training you will develop and grow.  Your body and mind will respond to the regular practice and the new understanding that you gain of your physical anatomy and alignment will really help you feel more at home in your body.  The more subtle practices of pranayama (breathwork), Mantra (chanting) and meditation along with the study of the sacred texts will change the relationship of mind and body in profound ways.  The voice of our spiritual self, the inner voice that is life affirming and the opposite of the inner critic can be heard. This voice is the best teacher, the best guide that you can have by your side throughout your life.
  1. Connection – YOGA IS GIFT THAT YOU RECEIVE AND THAT YOU CAN PASS ON TO OTHERS.  Both on the course with your classmates and when you go on to teach you will create enriching human connections that will support you throughout your life. You will be inspired to live life with a positive and open attitude.


If you are interested in our upcoming Anusara Teacher Training starting on 4th of October 2019  then please get in touch.  If you are interested in deepening your practice but not teaching then we have a wonderful programme, the 100 Hour Anusara Yoga Immersion which is perfect for you.  It is the first 100hours of the 200  hour teacher training.  

I hope to meet you on the mat some day and wish you all the best on what ever path you take on your journey,

Warmest wishes,

Noeleen Tyrrell

Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and Trainer


Noeleen Tyrrell is founder and principal teacher at award winning Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat in County Leitrim, Ireland.  She has been practicing yoga for almost 3 decades and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Noeleen also draws on her many years clinical practice as a craniosacral therapist and bodyworker to inform her teaching.  She is an authentic and inspiring teacher and has a great sense of fun.