Yoga retreat in Ireland at ArdNahoo

I live a charmed life, doing the work that feels like my dharma (my calling), in an absolutely stunning place and yet, I need to get away from time to time in order to have the perspective needed to appreciate all the gifts I have. For that, I choose to go for a yoga retreat in Ireland and other parts of the world.

We all need to get away, to the sun, to the city, to the sea, whatever ticks the box at any given time.  Having fun, lying on the beach and all of that is wonderful and recommended, but to go away on a yoga retreat is a different story.  It is an act of self-care, self-love and self-value that is hard to replicate in any other ‘holiday’ situation.

So just what is a retreat?

Collins English Dictionary gives us the following meaning (s) for ‘retreat’…

… Is a quiet, isolated place that you go to in order to rest

…If you retreat, you move away from something or someone.

….If you retreat from something such as a plan or a way of life, you give it up, usually in order to do something safer or less extreme.

Let’s take a closer look

  1. A retreat is a quiet, isolated place that you go to in order to rest.

Our lives are full of noise.  Noise from the outer environment, noise from your phone, noise from traffic etc. and of course the inner noise.  For this reason, the best yoga retreats in Ireland are usually in private, remote and quiet places.  When we move away from the ‘flight, fight or freeze’ mode and move towards the ‘relax and restore’ mode.  Our guests at Ard Nahoo regularly comment on just how quiet and peaceful the place is.  Add to that the yoga practices that are proven to tone the nervous system (breathwork, meditation and general yoga practice) alongside using the sauna and hot tub then you have a recipe for deep restoration and healing.

  1. If you go for a yoga retreat, you move away from something or someone.

Yes, even those you love most dearly can get under your skin!!  I love my husband Brendan to death but really need my own space and time also. My business is also at my home, so I feel the need to get away from that too and have over the years gone away on my own to yoga retreats in Ireland and other beautiful places on a regular basis to honour that need. By doing so I can be in my life more fully.  Living our modern busy lives is stressful, especially with so many working from home now, whether you feel ‘stressed’ or not there is an unforgiving pace to it all.  To get away is hugely therapeutic, to get away on a yoga retreat might be just the tonic you’re after.

  1. If you retreat from something such as a plan or a way of life, you give it up, usually in order to do something safer or less extreme.

If you are in a transitional phase of your life then going on an Anusara Yoga and Relaxation retreat in Ireland with me or any yoga retreat might be just the thing you need to clarify your thoughts and get a clearer perspective on the direction that you want to take in your life.


There are of course lots of other good reasons to go away on a yoga retreat. Rarely do you find anywhere that invites you to go inwards and explore the many layers of yourself. It is fun, it is healthy, it is like stepping into a safe and sacred space where you try new things and meet interesting people.


Come join me and the Ard Nahoo team for one of our upcoming Anusara yoga retreats in Ireland this year. Please check the details of the accommodation and daily schedule here.

Noeleen Tyrrell

Experienced Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher & Therapist