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Apres Christmas Dinner practice

I hope your Christmas Day delivers everything you could wish for. Family, friends, big fire, brisk walks and of course food glorious food.  If you want to take a bit of time out after dinner to relax, reflect, be quiet and aid digestion then try this short sequence Handy props – a mat, a bolster […]


Recipe: North African Squash & Chickpea Stew

Here’s a great dish that we serve on our retreats and it always goes down well  With so much focus on the menu for the ‘main event’ it’s always nice to have a few other ideas for veggie feasts lined up. This  fantastic dish is also simple to make. It’s a recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s book “River Cottage Veg everyday”. Here’s how […]


Yoga: An Overview

At its truest, most authentic level, yoga is a spiritual practice. The word yoga can be interpreted as ‘union’ or ‘to yoke’. This infers the coming together of two or more things on many levels. You could think of it as a union of body and mind, breath and being, heart and soul, inner and […]