Hidden in the peaceful countryside of Leitrim, our wooden Eco Cabins are the perfect place to escape the world. Built with eco principles in mind throughout, they are painted with muted natural paints, furnished with antique finds and heated by cosy wood pellet stoves.

All of our Eco Cabins have fully equipped kitchens, and all have amazing views out to the green hills and mountains from a private deck. You can watch the sun go down from the blue deck of Hawthorn, or say hello to our neighbouring horses in Willow and Holly.

We have just three Eco Cabins here at Ard Nahoo, so guests feel they have their own little piece of natural heaven.

Our green policy is incredibly important to us, so you can be assured that all of our Eco Cabins are…

  • Timber framed (Irish)
  • Cedar cladded (Donegal)
  • Hemp insulated
  • Heated with wood pellet stoves
  • Finished with natural paints
  • Powered by wind turbine (Airtricity)
  • Built with minimal concrete and no petro chemicals

Click Here to see a list of what you’ll find in each Eco Cabin.

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You have a choice of three Eco Cabins during your stay.

  • Hawthorn
  • hawthorn-sml
  • Hawthorn is a quaint, blue cabin overlooking the pond, sleeping 1 – 3 people.
  • Holly
  • holly-sml
  • Holly is larger, with three bedrooms each, sleeping up to 7 each.
  • Willow
  • willow-sml
  • Willow, has three bedrooms and
    sleeps up to 7 each.