About the Course

For Yoga Teachers, Trainees and all practitioners who would like to understand the fundamentals of yoga philosophy and history in order to enrich their practice and their lives in general.  You may have studied yoga philosophy before and come away with more confusion than clarity.  In this course I intend to make a very complex subject as simple and interesting (without dumbing down) as possible so that students can gain confidence, understanding and most importantly, a tangible grasp of how these wisdom teachings can enrich our lives and the lives of others.



Module Details

  • Module 1 – An introduction to yoga philosophy & history (overview)
  • Module 2 – Classical Yoga & Samkhya –  Yoga Sutra study and path
  • Module 3 – Non Dual Tantra – philosophy and practices
  • Module 4 – Bhagavad Gita – 4 Types of yoga (to suit everyone)

Each  module will  include a short practice to embody learning.


Earlybird €139 [simpay id=”5343″]
Registration Fee – €159/
Everyone is welcome.
All hours with Noeleen can be used as CPD hours for ASHY, YAP & YA.