Ard Nahoo 100 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher training

Course Structure

100h Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training Course

Anusara® Yoga
Teacher Training Course
(Module 1)
Anusara® Yoga
Teacher Training Course
(Module 2)
Anusara® Yoga
Teacher Training Course
(Module 3)

Course Content

The 100 hour Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training Course serves as the second half of the 200 hour Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training Programme. It is a pre-requisite for participation to have completed the 100 hour Anusara® Yoga Immersion Course.

Anusara yoga offers students, teachers and trainees one of the best yoga teacher training an opportunities in the world. Again the format is yoga retreat style and quite intensive.  Students will use the skills and knowledge acquired in the Immersion and add to that key teaching skills that will help them grow into wonderful confident yoga teachers.

After completion of the Immersion programme student may take the Teacher Training. We will study and explore

  • Universal Principles of Alignment™
  • Asana Practice
  • Pranayama and Meditation Practice
  • Philosophy and Lifestyle
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Teaching Skills – teaching systematically, giving effective instructions, observation, demonstration, teaching what you know
  • Sequencing
  • Theming
  • Teaching Meditation
  • Adjustments and Assisting
  • Teaching Practice
  • Yoga Business

Yoga Anatomy

We will look at the body structures relative to our yoga practice. The focus will be on the skeletal system and the muscular system as well as subtle anatomy. As a yoga teacher it is key that you understand how the body moves optimally.  We learn both at a cerebral level and on a kinesthetic level and use this learning and knowledge to ‘see’ our students more clearly.

Living Yoga

The intensive nature of the course will be very challenging on a lot of levels. You will be with the group for long hours each day which is great as a support as you can help each other in your understanding of all the new material you are absorbing on a daily basis. Living together harmoniously requires thought and structure.

You must commit to:

  • Being responsible
  • Looking for the best in everyone including yourself
  • Doing your fair share
  • Keeping all your personal belongings tidy

Karma Yoga

During the course of the programme students will be assigned basic household duties to ensure the studio and cabins are in good order.


There will be short ‘empowerment reviews’ as the course progresses but there are no formal exams as such.  These tests will show both you and the faculty what you know regarding technical skills and the Universal Principles of Alignment.  In this way the tests are really an empowerment tool.  The emphasis will be on teaching what you know and teaching it well.

Instead of a formal exam a process of continuous assessment (weekly) will run throughout the course.  After each assessment students must display that they have taken on board the critique and instruction from the director.  In short, 100% attendance does not guarantee a qualification!  We must see an improvement after each assessment.


Applicants must have completed an Anusara 100 Hour Immersion Course and have a love of yoga an open heart and an open mind.

Class Times

Class times vary slightly but generally speaking take place each day either from 9am – 6pm.

Other Course Info

The 100h Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training Course can be taken either:

  • PT100T – part-time (approx. 1 weekend per month over 4 months including five days joined with the Immersion Course on their 5-day residential module), or
  • FT100T – intensive residential  (over 12 days)

Whereas practitioners can book onto the Teacher Training Course on its own, it does form part of the overall 200h Anusara® Yoga Teacher Training Programme and will therefore also have participants from this course attending.

It is possible to mix and match part-time and intensive attendance (eg. book intensive residential 100h Immersion Course and then participate in the 100h Teacher Training Course part-time) in order to obtain your overall 200h qualification.


Participants will receive a certificate of attendance after completing this course. In conjunction with their prior certificate of attendance from a 100h Immersion Course this enables (along with an assessment) students to register as an Ansuara® Elements teacher. Students will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT200 should they wish.

Course Bookings

PT100T – 100h Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Course (Part-Time)

20th February – 19th May 2019

Fee: €1850

Includes all tuition & 5 day residential training (including meals on residential)

Upcoming Course Dates for PT100T (Part-Time): 2019 Programme

20th – 24th February 2019 (5 days residential )

22nd – 24th March 2019 ( 3 days )

12th – 14th April 2019 ( 3 days )

18th – 19th May 2019 ( 2 days )

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