Next Course Starts in October 2021

33 hours of Study, Practice & Play 

Dive straight into Anusara Yoga and explore your relationship with yourself, those around you and the natural world through the lens of yoga.  Learn how to build a steady and meaningful home practice.  Gain confidence  and understanding as you move and breathe on your mat. Connect to the inner voice of your heart and learn the potent subtle practices of Pranayama and Meditation

What we will cover

    • Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment – flows of energy in the body including energetic spirals and loops
    • Life-affirming  non-dual Tantric Philosophy of Anusara Yoga
    • Anusara Level 1 Syllabus
    • Introduction to Yoga Anatomy
    • Pranayama
    • Meditation
    • Journaling and developing your home practice

Class Times

  • Wednesday – Sunday – 9am – 4.30pm


Upcoming 2020/21  programmes dates as follows:

6th – 10th October, 2021

Registration/Tuition Fee: €565


Students who wish to stay at Ard Nahoo can rent and Eco Cabin or explore rental share with other students.  We can also provide a list of B&Bs, Hotels etc. nearby.

 For more information or to book your place today:

Email; [email protected]